A great technology that makes batteries SAFE


BrightVolt PME™

(Polymer Matrix Electrolyte)

We’ve developed a revolutionary approach to battery design and manufacturing that makes our Lithium-polymer batteries SAFE.  When formulated and followed precisely, this approach obtains attributes way beyond conventional battery assembly.  Our patented and proprietary technology increases the reliability, stability, and unprecedented safety and abuse tolerance of the cell.  BrightVolt PME™ enhances the direct bonding of electrode components, enabling thinner layers and eliminating dead weight which results in highest energy density in the industry.  This approach also makes the manufacturing process easier and more efficient.

How it All Works

A safer and more efficient cell design

  • BrightVolt PME™ bonds directly to the electrodes creating thin layers and eliminating dead weight for higher energy density.
  • Single cell assembly requires just 2-components vs industry standard 3-components designs — enabling easier, more efficient and cost effective manufacturing.
  • Polymeric solid ion-conducting elements with no free-flowing volatile solvent in the cell construction makes the battery stable and safe.
  • BrightVolt PME™ acts as adhesive glue to provide stack pressure making the battery thin and flexible.

BrightVolt’s PME™ is protected by multiple global patents including US US7198870B2 (Polyimide matrix electrolyte) & US7129005B2 (Polyimide matrix electrolyte and improved batteries therefrom).

How BrightVolt Compares

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Why Use BrightVolt

Cost Effective Manucturing

  • Assembly requires just two component layers
  • Flexible and more rapid development because of cell design
  • Simpler and faster manufacturing at scale
  • Already manufactured more than 10 Million cells

Eco-Friendly Process

  • Rigorous environmental sustainability policy to protect our team members and the global communities we serve.
  • Committed to clean energy development.
  • Our batteries are disposable and non-toxic.
  • Sustainability policy includes commitments to developing products and processes that are safe and environmentally sound and help preserve resources and the environment.

Revolutionary Team of Scientists

  • Top battery scientist in the world.
  • Dedicated resources to support custom development
  • Experienced with real solutions for products already in-market
  • Over 75 patents and more on the way

Flexible to Support Unique Custom Solutions

  • BrightVolt PME™ makes the design and manufacturing easier and faster than conventional custom battery development.
  • We help your team dream about the possible….round, cylindrical, doughnut hole…we can build it.
  • We take your specifications and design the optimum battery and manufacturing process for your product
  • Basically, we partner with you every step of the battery development process.