Polymer Electrolyte Engineer

Position Summary:

BrightVolt is seeking a highly motivated, detail oriented, and hands-on Polymer Electrolyte Engineer with polymer processing fundamentals to develop and integrate polymer materials for use as electrolyte and in binder formulations for battery applications. The prospective candidate will work with a team of polymer scientists and battery engineers on testing new and existing electrolyte formulation. The position requires understanding of properties and processing approaches utilized in different polymer electrolytes chemistries, with the focus on their handling, physical and electrochemical characterization as well as full cell integration. The candidate is expected to be familiar with the performance requirements of polymers for battery applications and will lead the effort to characterize and process new polymer electrolytes developed at BrightVolt.

Qualifications Required:

• B.S. – 3+ years or M.Sc. or Ph.D. – 1+ years in chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry or similar field
• 3 years experience with battery technology
• Familiar with different polymer processing approaches (i.e.: solution casting, bulk processing, cross-linking of films) and parameters (i.e.: solvent selection, viscoelastic properties, thermal stability, etc.)
• Knowledge of polymer characterization tools and methods (i.e.: DSC, TGA, DMA, tensile testing, GPC, swelling, cross-linking density)
• Good understanding and familiarity with electrochemical characterization of polymer electrolytes (i.e.: Cyclic Voltammetry, ionic conductivity in solution and solid state, symmetrical, half- and full cells assembly)

Essential Functions and Requirements:

• Product Design from concept to scale up including meeting all ancillary requirements. (ie; regulatory, testing, etc.)
• Project Conceptualization & Reporting
• Participate in interactions with other functional teams including product scale up, manufacturing and rapid prototyping teams
• Propose and execute new processing and testing approaches to validate commercial and synthetic gel\polymer\composite electrolytes
• Evaluation of solid-state electrolytes in electrodes and as a stand-alone battery component

Job Competencies (Knowledge, skills and abilities):

• High attention to detail, accuracy and precision
• Strong communication (oral & written) and interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated knowledge of gel, polymer or composite electrolyte processing and testing methodologies; interpretation and presentation of data.
• Able to translate designs and planning to actions and quantifiable results in the lab.
• Effectively foster collaborative relationships with all organizational levels.
• Proactive, self-starting, multitasking, entrepreneur able to excel in a small company environment.
• Positive attitude / High energy / Team oriented

To apply for this job email your details to humanresources@brightvolt.com