Polymer Development/Production Chemist

Position Summary:

The Polymer Chemist will be responsible for internal polymer synthesis/production, optimization, and formulation into effective battery electrolyte/binder. In addition, the position involves managing chemistry programs, reviewing data, monitoring performance, communicating with other station departments, maintaining regulatory compliance, writing reports, managing special projects, training personnel, maintaining analytical/in-line instrumentation and quality control.

Qualifications Required:

• PhD in Polymer Science, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or a related discipline
• Minimum of 5 years of industrial experience in polymer synthesis and manufacturing
• Successful management of technical development projects
• Must intimately understand current technology component of product
• Proficient in MS Office

Essential Functions and Requirements:

• Polymer synthesis and production using computerized batch-to-batch polymer production reactors
• Optimization of polymer properties that will result in consistent high-performance battery electrolytes and cathode formulations
• Polymer and component characterization that ensures all polymer components and products are within specifications
• Characterization and analysis of material properties – mechanical, morphological and electrochemical
• Interpret and communicate material properties and characteristics as they relate to electrode manufacturing processes to Process Engineering staff
• Leads projects including replacement and qualification of suppliers, development of new analytical techniques, development of design of experiment plans with Process Engineering
• Management of technical project planning and timing (work plan)
• Present papers and reports to symposiums, conferences and other technical meetings related to Polymer technology
• Employ design-of-experiments (DOE) to isolate and quantify degradation mechanisms
• Interacting with the Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing Operations, Product Development and other interfaces in formulating the technology vision.
• Providing support and feedback into the product planning process to ensure the most profitable products are developed.
• Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned at any time and from time to time.

Job Competencies (Knowledge, skills and abilities):

• Demonstrated experience and knowledge of organic synthesis
• Demonstrated ability to search patent, academic and trade literature; assess freedom to operate; determine available “white space” for protection of intellectual property
• Demonstrated familiarity with polymer analytical tools such as molecular weight determination (GPC, light scattering), HPLC, IR, NMR and data interpretation
• Experience with solution, suspension and emulsion mixing is preferred
• Ability to work independently, retain flexibility and maintain composure under pressure
• Must be able to translate technical information into real customer advantages
• Interact and work effectively across all functional areas (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Quality) and at all levels of the organization
• Strong oral and written communications. Must be able to efficiently engage and inform peers and subordinates and coordinate the efforts of multiple parties with disparate goals.
• Excellent organizational and communication skills, both oral and written
• Strong priority and time management skills (Self- motivated and self-managing)
• Respond to strategic and tactical changes as required.
• The candidate must be highly motivated, detail-oriented, and hands-on with extensive knowledge in designing lithium primary batteries.
• Possess innovative drive to ensure the strong growth of BrightVolt.
• Be a student of current industry trends, ensuring BrightVolt maintains its technology leadership position.
• Take responsibility for decisions.
• Foster collaboration to build and support a team environment. Know when and how to use a team approach for problem solving.
• Build relationships, treat others with respect, and relate well to others regardless of their personality or background.
• Develop effective working relationships with peers, executive management and non-management co-workers; communicate and interface with all levels of company personnel to support individual units as needed.
• Effectively and persuasively communicate ideas, approaches and concepts.
• Possess self-confidence with an absence of arrogance.
• Be committed to honesty, excellence and continuous improvement.

To apply for this job email your details to rtartar@brightvolt.com