Custom Solutions

Let us design, develop and manufacture your custom fit battery.

BrightVolt knows that one size battery does not fit all. Designers need customized batteries for their creative innovations.  As pioneers in solid state, ultra-thin film lithium polymer batteries, our expert team is comprised of chemists, engineers, and manufactures use proven chemistry and production methods to get you from spec to production fast. And we’ve got 75+ issued patents across the globe to prove it – with more on the way.

Benefits + Features

  • Fast design and manufacture

  • Built to your specifications

  • BrightVolt PME™ and our expertise get you to market quickly

  • Proven manufacturing techniques


Our Process


We work with you to understand your requirements – power, form factor, shape, size – for you application and product goals.  Then we develop the power concept. The energy solution, lab work, research and cost estimates are delivered to you.  We help you determine the feasibility of the power concept and then continue to the next phase of design.


In the design phase, we use your approved specifications and design your unique battery. We also consider how we would design the manufacturing of your custom battery, quickly and efficiently.


Next we build working samples that can be tested with your product.  There may be some iterations to fine tune before we move to manufacturing. Your custom battery will work flawlessly with your product before we move to production.


Finally we design cost effective production tooling and processes for the scalable manufacturing of your custom battery.  Our expertise and patented technology, BrightVolt PME™ makes manufacturing your custom battery cost effective.