BrightVolt expands R&D group

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Newberry, Indiana.  –  BrightVolt is pleased to announce expansion to its R&D group both in terms of personnel as well as facilities and equipment.

As Covid cases continue to rise in the U.S, we are taking the utmost care to keep our team members safe and healthy while working at BrightVolt. Two new Phd. engineers have joined the BrightVolt Team – Dr. Joanna Burdynska and Dr. Ashok Saraswat. Dr. Burdynska is a highly accomplished polymer scientist with a distinguished career in battery development and numerous patents and publications to her name. She will be working with the Team on improving performance of the company’s Polymer Matrix Electrolyte (PME®) product. Dr. Saraswat has an extensive career both in battery technical development and also in business development and partnering in the battery industry. Dr. Saraswat will be assisting with the company’s co-development and partnering initiatives among other functions. Dr. Anaba Anani, the company’s Chief Battery Scientist commented “our talented R&D Team continues to grow and thrive. Our new hires bring new ideas and expanded scope to our technology development. This is key to forging ahead and improving our technology and products.”

In addition to adding personnel, BrightVolt has also made significant investments in facilities and equipment in Q4. As part of the company’s program of continuous improvement and expansion of its equipment resources, the company has added further battery testing and development equipment to its already extensive installed base at its R&D facilities in Indiana. Todd Peters, the company’s CEO commented “we invest significantly in improving and upgrading our equipment as a regular business process so that our R&D personnel have what they need to push forward with important technology developments. Battery technology development requires this kind of commitment as new materials and the science behind new materials integration evolves and grows more complex.” Peters continues “ we want our Team to be able to move quickly and take advantage of the new materials opportunities as they arise.”

BrightVolt continues to recruit for the best and brightest R&D personnel in the battery technology space. We are currently looking to hire a number of battery engineers and scientists. Please check our Employment page here:

In spite of the pressures and complications associated with the current covid-19 pandemic, we would like to take this opportunity to wish our partners and business associates with good health and continued prosperity in these difficult times.

Tesla Battery Day

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Newberry, Indiana – Tesla held their much hyped “Battery Day” on September 22nd and announced some important areas of focus for the company in the coming years.  The big theme is driving battery costs down on a dollars per kilowatt hour basis using a multi-faceted approach involving a new  cell design, streamlined manufacturing, new anode and cathode materials, and integration of the battery pack into the car chassis structure.  Tesla’s recorded live streaming of the event can be found here:

The net effect of these planned changes is a projected 56% drop in the cost of the batteries to about the $50/kWh range.  If Tesla achieves this in a time frame relevant to the projected rapid growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market then this will be truly revolutionary.  Such a drop in the battery cost structure could make EV’s begin to compete with internal combustion engine cars on a head-to-head cost basis.  According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, their ultimate goal is to be able to introduce a $25,000 EV car for mass production before getting too far into the 2020’s. 

“These are exactly the kind of incremental changes you would expect from a company with a lot of sophisticated streamlined engineering already going into its products and production methods” said Todd Peters, CEO of BrightVolt, Inc.  Peters continues “If Tesla can operationalize even half of what they’re promising here, the buyers of electric vehicles will benefit with more EV choices on a cost competitive basis approaching that of fossil fuel cars.”  Commenting upon the effects of these proposed changes on the battery supply chain, Peters said “there’s going to be some big winners and big losers in the evolving battery materials supply chain, but one thing is clear – anyone bringing to market battery materials or technology which knocks cost out of the equation is going to do well….very, very well.”

BrightVolt’s Chief Battery Scientist, Dr. Anaba Anani added “Tesla is pioneering some important technologies for the battery industry as a whole.  If successful, their dry coating technique along with the development of new cathode and anode materials could step change the entire manufacturing process for EV batteries.”

BrightVolt, Inc. develops and sells proprietary battery materials including a novel solid-state electrolyte – the “Polymer Matrix Electrolyte” (PME). This patented solid-state electrolyte significantly enhances the capabilities of lithium-based batteries while reducing the cost of manufacturing. The PME electrolyte can be used in batteries in a wide variety of applications including Internet of Things, consumer electronics and e-mobility. The PME allows for greater energy density, a wider operating temperature range, and increased levels of safety all at a lower total cost of manufacturing.

BrightVolt Appoints Dan Squiller to Board of Directors

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REDMOND, Wash., March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BrightVolt Inc., a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of safe, high energy and low cost solid-state lithium-ion batteries utilizing its proprietary single-phase polymer matrix electrolyte (PME®), announces the appointment of Dan Squiller to its Board of Directors. With more than 30 years of leadership experience in executive roles as well as technical expertise in energy storage technologies, Squiller will play a crucial role in guiding BrightVolt as it enters the next phase of technology development and commercialization.

Squiller is an established leader with notable expertise in technology commercialization and global market expansion, manufacturing facility setup, supply chain development, and technology and product development programs with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. As the CEO of Aquam Corporation, a global clean-tech firm, as well as success at recognized companies including Lambda, Invensys plc, Scientific Atlanta, St. Bernard Software, ZincFive, and Verengo Solar, Squiller has an impressive record of building and growing technology and infrastructure companies.

“Dan brings extensive technical and leadership experience in the energy storage industry to our Board of Directors,” said Todd Peters, CEO of BrightVolt. “As we move to the next stage of product development of our disruptive new lithium-ion battery products, Dan’s guidance will be invaluable to bring our products to the market and grow the company.”

“I’m very excited to join BrightVolt’s board and work with a company that is bringing innovative battery solutions to the electric vehicle (EV) and consumer electronics marketplace,” noted Dan Squiller. “I have seen and participated in the evolution of battery technology over the past 30 years, and BrightVolt is bringing truly innovative advances to the market; making high energy density, safe and affordable solid-state batteries a reality. Their patented polymer technology expands the performance and economic envelope of what was previously possible for lithium-ion batteries. I look forward to working with Todd and his leadership team.”

In addition, BrightVolt recently named industry veteran Salil Soman as vice president of business development. Soman has nearly two decades of experience with developing and commercializing multiple different battery chemistries in various applications and markets worldwide.

About BrightVolt

BrightVolt’s mission is to improve the world through smarter battery chemistry. With a state-of-the-art Research and Development Center in Indiana and corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, BrightVolt is constantly challenging the limits of chemistry, physics, and manufacturing science to support safer, healthier and more powerful new product innovations. BrightVolt’s rechargeable solid-state batteries can power a broad range of applications including hybrid and electric vehicles as well as consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, e-readers, drones, medical and wearable devices along with other IoT products. Compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, BrightVolt’s patented Polymer Matrix Electrolyte (PME®) technology results in batteries with a significantly greater energy density that are cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly, at a lower total cost of production. To date, BrightVolt has sold over 12 million batteries with customers on every continent in a wide variety of industries including medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer products.

SOURCE BrightVolt Inc.

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June 2018 Newsletter

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Hello BrightVolt Partners,

We have some exciting news to share as we head into the summer months.

We are currently executing on our mission to improve the world through smarter battery chemistry. Through our proprietary Polymer Matrix Electrolyte (PME®), our Solid-State batteries offer substantially greater energy density and thermal stability. When compared to best- selling liquid lithium-ion batteries, BrightVolt Solid-State Batteries (SSB) with PME® is the ideal alternative, particularly for customers in the consumer electronic and EV markets.

We are making great progress on the development of our solid-state rechargeable battery and these are some of the milestones we’ve achieved and more by the close of Q3:

  • We have demonstrated excellent energy density and cycling capability of our solid-state electrolyte PME chemistry at our new R&D facility
  • Our rechargeable Solid-State batteries are expected to debut end of Q3 2018 with a sampling of our 50mAh product line, larger cells are already in development as well.
  • We’ve added talented new battery scientists as well as new tools and equipment to augment the expansion and development capabilities for our rechargeable SSB and to increase our overall development and testing footprint.

Want to work on cutting edge Solid-State technologies for EVs? We are looking for a Senior Battery Design Engineer with industry experience. Send resume  To view all job postings please see at link.

We will be delivering more exciting news in the next few months. Stay tuned.

Wishing you and your family a pleasant summer ahead.

The BrightVolt Team

BrightVolt expands R&D capabilities with new equipment

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In Q1 of 2018 BrightVolt added technical personnel and made a substantial investment in new equipment to enhance our solid state battery development. This will help us improve the energy density and performance of our new solid state rechargeable batteries. BrightVolt’s first rechargeable batteries are expected to debut in Q3 of this year.

Our new solid state rechargeable battery product line will benefit from a new Keyence Digital Microscope, a new Metrohm Microcell HD, an additional Arbin 128 channel battery test system, and a new Branson ultrasonic welder.


These additional capabilities will:

  • Help improve performance and energy density
  • Reduce development and testing times
  • Aid in ionic conductivity measurement and analysis
  • Assist in analyzing electrode surfaces
  • Help isolate failure mechanisms
  • Document short and long-term battery performance


Join our rechargeable update list to receive information on our rechargeable batteries.

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January Newsletter

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Happy New Year to our extended BrightVolt family!

The new year is here and we want to share a couple of the exciting changes at BrightVolt from 2017.  We will continue to hire and expand our capabilities in 2018 and deliver on our mission of providing the world’s thinnest, safest, most flexible thin film batteries and solutions!

BrightVolt has a new R&D Home – We have partnered with the Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Newberry, Indiana (  “The BIC”, is a state of the art, $20m facility purpose build to support battery technology innovation. This will provide additional resources for:

  • Development of our new thin-film, RECHARGEABLE, solid state batteries, expected to debut in mid-2018.
  • Expansion of our design and development capabilities for custom batteries.
  • Increased testing capabilities to better serve existing and new customers.

In 2018, Brightvolt will provide custom designs and will continue to scale manufacturing for both our primary and secondary batteries. Look for more news on these topics in the near future.

You can always check our standard sizes and look for more information at

Good luck to all of our partners who brought incredible new products to market in 2017 and those who will accelerate that trend in 2018!

We look forward to delivering more exciting news in the next couple of months!

Best regards,

The Brightvolt team

BrightVolt Wins Best Eco-Friendly Battery Manufacturer Award

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Recognition for providing cleaner, safer battery energy

LAKELAND, Fla., Feb. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BrightVolt Inc., the global leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of the safest ultra-thin film, flexible batteries, was awarded the 2016 Clean Energy Award for best eco-friendly battery manufacturer. Created by Global Energy News magazine, the 2016 Clean Energy Awards recognize the development and implementation of clean energy solutions.

No Volatile Liquids Means Eco-Friendly Batteries

Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries that use lithium electrolytes which can be flammable and toxic to the environment, BrightVolt batteries contain no volatile liquids. This patented chemistry makes BrightVolt batteries environmentally safe and minimizes the potential for spontaneous combustion events. BrightVolt batteries can withstand fluctuations in temperature and therefore be heated, custom-designed for use in new form factors, and even printed, without causing damage.

“It’s outstanding for BrightVolt to be recognized for delivering better batteries that are safer for the environment as well as safer for products that now contain potentially flammable materials,” said Todd Peters, BrightVolt CEO. “Our highly proprietary technology – BrightVolt PME® (Polymer Matrix Electrolyte) — also enables cleaner battery chemistry, battery safety, and manufacturing process all critical to sustainable energy.”

Meeting Global Demand for Safer Batteries

As IoT and wearable applications continue to expand, many designers and manufacturers, from Fortune 100 companies to startups, are working with BrightVolt to develop safer, smaller and more flexible batteries to power these devices. BrightVolt has already manufactured more than 10MM ultra-thin film batteries that are used in commercially viable products.

The 2016 Clean Energy Award also recognizes BrightVolt’s rigorous environmental sustainability policies that include commitments to developing products and processes that are safe and environmentally sound, and help preserve resources and the environment. Adherence to sustainability and safety is an integral part of BrightVolt’s ongoing goal to be recognized as a leader in clean energy development.

About Global Energy News
Published quarterly, Global Energy News features the latest deals, appointments, research, news and all you need to know about the latest developments in the energy sector. Industry experts in their field, government and think-tanks from around the world shed light on the issues that matter, with special sections on energy efficiency, infrastructure and technology, oil and gas, renewable energy.

About BrightVolt
BrightVolt is the world’s leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of safe, ultra-thin film batteries. Our patented Lithium Polymer design allows our batteries to be the thinnest, most flexible and yet maintain the highest energy density to power a wide variety of IoT devices like medical patches, sensor labels and power cards. BrightVolt batteries are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non- combustible and disposable.

For more information please visit

BrightVolt Opens Series B Funding with New Science Ventures Leading Round

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BrightVolt Opens Series B Funding with New Science Ventures Leading Round

Investment fuels BrightVolt advancements in battery technology for global growth, powers new batteries needed for IoT, medical devices and wearables

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 14, 2016 — BrightVolt Inc., the global leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of ultra-thin film, flexible batteries, announced today the opening of a Series B round of investment. Prominent scientific venture capital firm New Science Ventures is anchoring the round with $5 million.

“There is enormous upside market potential for BrightVolt battery technology in the expanding IoT space, including sensors, labels, medical devices and wearables,” said Todd Peters, BrightVolt CEO. “As the numerous uses for our revolutionary and patented battery chemistry continues to multiply, with this investment so will our ability to meet global market demand. Our partnership with New Science Ventures accelerates our ability to lead new battery development and meet the world’s need for safer, smaller and more powerful batteries.”

BrightVolt will use these Series B funds to prepare for substantial growth in 2017, to continue to build on its patented, core battery technology, Polymer Matrix Electrolyte (PME) and to scale its manufacturing.

“As power requirements for semiconductors keep coming down and IoT applications experience rapid growth, many players are looking for flexible form factors to power these distributed devices,” said Vivek Mohindra, New Science Ventures partner and board member. “BrightVolt’s proprietary technology changes the way batteries are developed, and speed innovations in areas where new types of flexible and safe batteries are needed. Our continued commitment to BrightVolt reflects our strong belief in their industry-leading technology and the current direction of the company.”

Unlike liquid lithium-ion batteries which can be flammable and toxic when exposed to the environment, BrightVolt ultra-thin film, flexible batteries are solid state, meaning they can be heated and laminated onto smart security and payment cards, for example.

BrightVolt’s proprietary technology also provides for more rapid development and a more cost effective approach to printed manufacturing at scale. This scientific technology has been employed to manufacture more than 10 million BrightVolt ultra-thin film batteries and is the foundation for future growth.

BrightVolt is evaluating additional funding from other parties interested in investing in this rapidly expanding market space.

About New Science Ventures
New Science Ventures, LLC (NSV) is a leading venture capital firm focused on building companies that leverage breakthrough science to create extraordinary value. NSV invests in companies using science-based innovations to address market needs in Life Sciences (pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and diagnostics) and Information Technology (high-performance semiconductors, cellular infrastructure, sensor networks, enterprise software, and storage) sectors.

About BrightVolt
BrightVolt is the world’s leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of ultra-thin film batteries. Our patented Lithium Polymer design allows our batteries to be the thinnest, most flexible and yet maintain the highest energy density to power a wide variety of IoT devices. Environmentally friendly and made in the US, BrightVolt has sold over 10 million batteries across the globe.

BrightVolt mentioned in The Kiplinger Letter

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The Kiplinger Letter, Washington D.C., May 27th, 2016 – You’ll be seeing more batteries everywhere in the years ahead…popping up in new applications, making existing products smarter and more versatile, helping the electric grid work more efficiently, etc.

They’ll be smaller, cheaper and more useful than today’s versions…a boon for many industries.

To picture tomorrow’s batteries, think thin: As little as half a millimeter in some cases… so thin they’ll be printed onto rolls of plastic film. That’ll enable mass production and drive down costs.

And think flexible. The tiny, rigid batteries that power small electronic items now will be replaced by ones that bend to fit products of varying shapes. And unlike today’s units, those thin, flexible batteries will tolerate being directly laminated or soldered onto the products that they’ll be powering.

Now think of all the likely uses for them:

Longer-lasting smartphones; smaller, nimbler drones; shipping labels that broadcast an item’s location within the supply chain via radio waves; and more. Go-anywhere batteries will open up whole new lines of products. For instance, look for flexible e-readers that can be rolled up or folded like a magazine. Patches with medical sensors that bend around a patient’s arm. Smart watches with batteries hidden in the band.

Among firms set to cash in on the growing demand for advanced batteries:
Privately held Imprint Energy, BrightVolt and Blue Spark Technologies. One or more could eventually be tempting takeover targets for larger, deep-pocketed tech firms.

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