BrightVolt Wins Best New Material Award from IDTechEx Recognizing safe, flexible, customizable BrightVolt batteries for the future of wearables and IoT

By December 2, 2016Events

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — BrightVolt Inc., the global leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of the safest ultra-thin film, flexible batteries, has won the Best New Material or Component
Development award from IDTechEx. BrightVolt was recognized at IDTechEx Show! 2016, an annual conference which brings together the latest emerging technologies with global end-user.

“We are extremely pleased and honored to have received this award for the Best New Material or Component Development,” said Todd Peters, BrightVolt CEO. “It is a privilege to work with such an exceptional team on developing safe, flexible, solid-state and customized batteries that are going to help revolutionize the next stage of wearables and IoT technologies. The IoT world needs better, safer batteries.”

Safer Battery Chemistry

The winning IDTechEx award submission, “BrightVolt, The Safest, Most Customized Battery for The Most Revolutionary Wearables,” states that as wearables continue to evolve in size, usability, form factor and diverse power needs, many designers and manufacturers are looking for better energy sources to power their new products.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries which contain a liquid chemistry that can be flammable, and toxic when exposed to the environment, BrightVolt batteries are solid-state and built using their patented battery technology BrightVolt PME® (Polymer Matrix Electrolyte). This technology breakthrough increases reliability, stability, and safety of the battery making them Non-CombustibleNon-ToxicNon-Corrosiveand Disposable.

Battery Innovation at Scale

The patented chemistry, development and manufacturing process, BrightVolt PME®, allows for more rapid development and a more cost effective approach to manufacturing at scale. This proprietary chemistry and manufacturing process has already been employed to manufacture more than 10 million BrightVolt ultra-thin film batteries and is used in commercial ready products.

About BrightVolt
BrightVolt is the world’s leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of safe, ultra-thin film batteries. Our patented Lithium Polymer design allows our batteries to be the thinnest, most flexible and yet maintain the highest energy density to power a wide variety of IoT devices like medical patches, sensor labels and power cards. BrightVolt batteries are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non- combustible and disposable. For more information please visit