BrightVolt Batteries

Award -winning, revolutionary batteries that are both powerful and safe.

Lithium-ion batteries can be flammable, so we created a revolutionary battery that will not combust, even when punctured, twisted, or heated. BrightVolt batteries are ultra-thin, flexible, and do not contain volatile liquids— eliminating the potential for combustion — because new devices and applications demand energy sources that are powerful, small and safe.

Benefits + Features

  • Safe
  • Disposable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-combustible
  • Can be printed, heated, laminated


Our batteries use no volatile liquids and therefore have superior thermal stability. BrightVolt PME™ chemistry eliminates the potential for spontaneous combustion events and our batteries are non-toxic for the environment when disposed.


We make the most energy-dense batteries for a wide range of IoT applications. BrightVolt PME bonds directly to electrodes, enabling thinner layers and thus eliminating dead space, which results in higher energy density and creates an ultra-thin and flexible battery.


BrightVolt batteries can be bent, flexed and even rolled.  They are used in flexible micro-electronic solutions for smart security and payment cards. BrightVolt cells also pass all ISO bend and flexibility testing, and are ISO 7816 Certified.


Our batteries can be integrated into hot lamination processes with temperatures of 135°C, hammered, punctured, and exposed to the elements, and remain inert. Our reliability is best in the industry, with the best energy and product life profiles for small devices.

Fire & Water

Bend & Flex

Pierce & Cut

Impact & Compression