About Us

We are a small team with a passion for chemistry and a technology that will revolutionize energy storage.

Our Secret Sauce

BrightVolt PME™ is a novel, proprietary, patented approach to the development and manufacturing of ultra-thin, solid state, lithium-ion batteries.  Our PME™ breakthrough is the cornerstone of how we make batteries safe, durable and cost-effective. With R&D led by some of the battery industry’s foremost inventors and scientists and leadership by seasoned executives, our future is Bright.


Who we are

At our core, BrightVolt is energy.  An energy created by talented, diverse and bright people who share a common vision to design and build amazing batteries that will change the world.

An energy to power products that make us healthier, safer, and more productive. An energy to constantly challenge the known limits of chemistry, physics, and manufacturing science to get more power out of smaller things.

BrightVolt creates the energy that enables the world’s engineers to design and power innovative new products.

Science Leadership

Current Projects

Management Team