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April 2018

BrightVolt expands R&D capabilities with new equipment

By News

In Q1 of 2018 BrightVolt added technical personnel and made a substantial investment in new equipment to enhance our solid state battery development. This will help us improve the energy density and performance of our new solid state rechargeable batteries. BrightVolt’s first rechargeable batteries are expected to debut in Q3 of this year.

Our new solid state rechargeable battery product line will benefit from a new Keyence Digital Microscope, a new Metrohm Microcell HD, an additional Arbin 128 channel battery test system, and a new Branson ultrasonic welder.


These additional capabilities will:

  • Help improve performance and energy density
  • Reduce development and testing times
  • Aid in ionic conductivity measurement and analysis
  • Assist in analyzing electrode surfaces
  • Help isolate failure mechanisms
  • Document short and long-term battery performance


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