BrightVolt IS innovation in Small Powered Solutions.

thin film lithium polymer batteries safe for environment
As pioneers in solid state thin film lithium polymer batteries, we have shipped millions more units than any other company. Our patented polymers and patented and proprietary manufacturing processes allow us to make the most energy dense batteries in the world for a wide range of IoT applications.

Our knowledge base and systems expertise allow us to innovate in form factors and mechanical designs including battery tabs, tab placement and protected tabs. In fact, BrightVolt sets the industry standards in form factors.

In the past few years we’ve also developed market leading power efficient, flexible micro electronics that serve several vertical applications. Our first area of focus is smart, powered card solutions for security, payment, and smart card applications. We have the best energy profiles and reliability in the industry to maximize product life in the hands of end users.

The creative minds at BrightVolt are still at it. Our newest innovations will lead to more energy packed into smaller packages, new chemistries that minimize the environmental impact of our products, better solid state rechargeable batteries, and faster, better, and cheaper manufacturing processes.

And we’ve got 75+ issued patents across the world to prove it – with more on the way.


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