Custom Power for IoT devices

Custom Battery Design

You have an innovative product. We have a unique power.
You’ve developed something incredible, maybe revolutionary. But what about its power source? What if you don’t have that at-the-ready too? It’s ok, we do. No matter your performance specs, whether you require more power, flexibility or unique size and shape, we can build the lithium ion power solution to fit your needs. We have the ability to quickly develop custom solid state, ultra-thin film flexible batteries.

As the pioneers in solid state ultra-thin fill lithium polymer batteries, our expert team is comprised of chemists, engineers and manufacturers who use proven chemistry and production methods to get you from spec to production fast. And we’ve got 75+ issued patents across the globe to prove it – with more on the way.

We work smart, we work fast and we always ship on time.

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ultra thin lithium polymer batteries

Ultra-Thin Flexible Batteries

We're energizing the Internet of Things

When you use our robust product portfolio of BrightVolt solid state, ultra-thin lithium ion batteries that answer the power source needs for IoT wearables, medical devices, smart labels and smart cards,there is practically no limit to what your team can design. . Our products offer the highest energy density per millimeter in the industry due to our patented polymer-electrolyte and manufacturing processes.

Environmentally safe and made in the US.

Our BrightVolt batteries inherently safe design reduces the need for additional battery safety circuity. Plus they are hermetically sealed and do not pose human health or environmental hazards. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and it’s easy to determine the right battery for your needs. Just consult our product selection.

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Microelectronics and
ultra-thin batteries for Smart Cards

Safety and security when it comes to credit card fraud has never been more important. To this end, smartcards have evolved and we’ve evolved, too. Smart Cards are leading in the technology for small form factor, power efficient, secure and flexible microelectronics. And so are we.

The skinny on security

We can design and manufacture thin and flexible solutions with efficient power profiles for Smart Cards—dynamic CVV, onetime password, secure access—you name it. The combination of our technology, our global supply chain and state of the art manufacturing techniques help our clients get to market and save money.

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At our core, BrightVolt is energy. An energy created by talented, diverse, and bright people who share a common vision to design and build amazing technologies to change the world. An energy to power IoT devices and technologies to make us more productive, healthier, and secure. An energy to constantly challenge the known limits of chemistry, physics, and manufacturing science to get more power out of smaller things. It’s an energy that enables the smartest engineers at companies around the world to design and power innovative new products.

BrightVolt. Small Powered Solutions.

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